How do we translate the familiar in-person coffee ordering experience at Starbucks to a Google Assistant action?

Working with our Google partners, we defined some ground rules for a good conversation between a barista and a customer. 

  • Provide just enough information (quick and easy)
  • Be honest and clear (no ulterior motives)
  • Be relevant to what’s at hand (context)
  • Be polite and helpful (like a barista would be to a customer)

Understand how our baristas employ the cooperative principle

I listened to ~10 hours of drive-thru recordings to study how customers order and how baristas handle those orders. I was able to synthesize common phrases, ways to handle misunderstandings and clarifications, and the common parts of a barista-customer dialog. 

My deliverables

Dialog scripts, alternative phrasing, error message, and product synonyms. I also helped test and validate the action.