How do we effectively communicate the features and use cases of the Microsoft Surface Hub, and how it fits into the Surface family of products?

I worked with a senior UX architect, engineers, and the client to create a new structure for the Microsoft Surface website, as well as introduce a new section for the Surface Hub enterprise tool.

Microsoft Hub content moduleMicrosoft Hub content module

Stakeholder and customer research surfaced an additional function: the "Help me choose" module

In the research phase, we uncovered a broader customer need for a decision-making aid. The “help me choose module” became a focus of my work. I interviewed client engineering teams and product owners to build a map of the decision paths and product features that would drive the design of the module and help customers choose the right Surface product for their needs. 



Cross-functional teamwork was key on this project. Working closely and in-person with engineers and client product owners was critical to our success. There was an advantage to being an agency working on this site because we could more effectively advocate for the customer.