My approach

I'm a persistent advocate for the human reality of users, their contexts and goals. I love language and writing and believe it's a powerful design element that gives users clarity and direction. And, I love a good fuss over the visual details and interactions in my work. 

As a teammate

I strive for simplicity, continual improvement, and clarity. For me, how the work gets done is as important as the work. Expect me to champion solving problems in a scalable, sustainable and systematic manner. How design and research help shape a release is everything.

I'm generally cheerful, level-headed and get things done. I'm more a diplomat than an autocrat and appreciate a multidisciplinary approach rooted in respect and collaboration among design, research, product and engineering. In my experience, this leads to the fastest results for customers and a satisfied and collegial team. 


🏃🏻‍♀️ Strong, positive drive to simplify complex experiences without compromising transparency

👩🏻‍🍳 Right mix of perseverance, approachability, and sharp critical thinking skills to solve difficult problems

🔎 Curiosity and instinct to dive deep

🌻 Holding myself to a high bar