This started as a tag in my Bear app: a collection of thoughts, notable words from people wiser than me, and funny scribbles from my noodle factory. 🧠

Now it serves as a blog and UX portfolio. By day, I’m a UX designer, but writing is the Drano that makes design and other parts of life go down. The posts and scribbles help me keep my wits about me and clarify my thinking.

I’m drawn to pens and paper, birds, economics, photography and natural fibers.

My approach as a designer

I strive for simplicity, continual improvement, and clarity—and I believe digital products should do the same. Design serves others and is its best when it's rooted in observed user behavior. 

I'm a persistent advocate for the human reality of users, their contexts and goals. I also love language and writing and believe it's a powerful design element that gives users clarity and direction. 

As a teammate

To me, how the work gets done is as important as the work. Expect me to champion solving problems in a scalable, sustainable and systematic manner.

I'm generally cheerful, level-headed and get things done. I'm more a diplomat than an autocrat and appreciate a multidisciplinary approach rooted in respect and collaboration among design, research, product and engineering. In my experience, this leads to the best results.

For more about my background and the teams I've been a part of, take a look at my resume.

See Elena's Resume