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Martha Nussbaum's Powerlessness and the Politics of Blame Jefferson Lecture: "Anger is a poison to democratic politics, and it is all the worse when fueled by a lurking fear and a sense of helplessness. Taming anger is an antidote we'll have to take to reduce the risk of Trump 2.0 in 2024. And, to demand folks who represent us find common ground with opponents using rational faith and realistic negotiations. Nussbaum mentions how The Furies needed Athena's persuasion: to "Lull to repose the bitter force of your black wave of anger.” Athena gives them the incentives of honor and respect from Athen's citizens if they tone it down and learn to replace their feelings of retribution with kindness. It's what Dave Chappelle, who I count among the oracles, pushes us toward, too.

Chekhov poet of loneliness: "Dramas misrepresent the world precisely because they are dramatic, but the really significant events are the small ones we barely notice, the kindnesses we forget to extend, the attention we do not pay, the opportunities we miss, and the inevitable waste that our omissions entail."

Oxford Comma Doctrine inspired by Mary Norris

Choose to use it or not and don't make it a moral issue. Judge each series on its merits, applying the comma where it's needed and holding it back where it's not. For anything that needs to be read fast or text needs to be streamlined to save time and space (like in newspapers and in UI), don't use it.

Made the switch to Shampoo bars

I ♥️ Japanese mundane halloween costumes

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