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Shareables | Nov. 1, 2020

Everyone has views persuaded by identity over pure analysis and we’re all biased to our own personal history: "Your personal experiences make up maybe 0.00000001% of what’s happened in the world but maybe 80% of how you think the world works."

Martha Nussbaum profile, an exceptionally smart person writing in an accessible style: "People are inclined to be selfish and narrow in their sympathies. To get them to endorse any political project involving sacrifices of personal self-interest (redistributive taxation, support for national defense) they need to be summoned outside themselves by some sort of sustaining emotion."

Handmade Linen clothes worth the wait

Annie Dillard “Total Eclipse" full essay in the Atlantic

Women in Econ series, Christina Romer episode is a good one for our current economic state.

New Covid strain may be more contagious: "While the jury's still out on whether this variant is more transmissible in the real world, it still can be neutralized by antibodies against all the vaccine candidates. It's not mutating into something more dangerous or pathogenic. It's behaving like a normal virus."

Daily Stoic: I signed up for the daily emails. On days I start the day reading them, I'm ~20% more focused. It takes some work to put aside the occasional plug for super mushroom miracle coffee and Ryan Holiday’s books. And....that Holiday is the former marketing director of oversexed American Apparel and wealthy enough to turn passion projects into a full-time gig. 😬

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