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Notable words

One of the advantages of working together for many years is that the daily rigamarole can be dispensed with quickly, leaving ample time for discussion of weightier concerns - such as rheumatism, the inadequacy of public transit, and the petty behavior of the inexplicably promoted.

Count Alexander Rostov in A Gentleman in Moscow

October 24, 2020 - No Comments!


Sewing straight with a machine is hard when you start. Deceptively hard! I spend many hours making things on a computer, where rework and redoing are faster. I wish sewing wasn’t a sitting activity, but otherwise, it's the great off-screen hobby I've needed.

Pants are too ambitious for a first project. But if you're set on making pants, make baby ones. Here’s a super mellow Skillshare class I followed. It took me all day with corrections and improvisations like adding a pocket and redoing the elastic band a number of times.

True to me, I'm drawn to a proletariat fabric color palette and denim and linen fabric. I'll be sticking to scarves for a bit to build up some seam control. I'm excited to get to the point where I can fix my own clothes.

And, do buy cheap thread for the undoing and redoing of amateur seems in the beginning.