My role: Information architect / UX writer

Microsoft Hub content moduleMicrosoft Hub content module


The opportunity

Debut the multi-touch collaboration device that makes teamwork more productive and natural. My team at POSSIBLE was tasked with creating the landing page for the new additional to the Surface family of products.

Help me choose module

As we worked with internal stakeholders to concept, test and review the final design, it became clear we had an opportunity to add a decision-tool to the all-up Surface site. During our research, we found customers wanted a simple and useful way to determine which Surface product was right for them. The “help me choose module” became as substantial of an effort in terms of information architecture and content strategy as the debut of Surface Hub. 

What I learned

Cross-functional teamwork was key on this project. Working closely and in person with engineers and client product owners was critical to our success. There was an advantage to being an agency working on this site because we could more easily step back and advocate for the customer.